Monday, July 29, 2013

1949 Aerial Photograph of Poplar Bluff

Have you visited the Genealogy Department lately and noticed a new photograph?  If not, take a look on your next visit!

This photograph was donated to the library by Mr. and Mrs. Harold Jackson of Poplar Bluff (former owners of Jackson Dodge).

What you are seeing is an aerial photograph of Poplar Bluff taken in 1949 as Butler County celebrated its Centennial of existence after being carved out of Wayne County in 1849.

This is a great example of how well the community had recovered from the devastating impact of the 1927 Tornado 22 years earlier.  You'll find familiar landmarks that help you orient yourself to the city's past.  Along the bottom of the photograph is Black River with the bridges of Pine and Vine crossing it.  Follow the right bridge (Pine St.) up to the top and you'll see the "dog-leg" curve with Sacred Heart Church and at the top is the "intersection" of Highways 60 and 67 along with the old water tower.

The library has had this photograph reframed with UV resistant glass to protect it from fading by sunlight and to preserve it for future generations to admire.