Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Butler County Genealogy Society Meetings Update

Just a reminder regarding the meetings of the Butler County Genealogy Society through the end of the year. (Is it really that close?!)

The September meeting has been scheduled a week early and will take place on the 18th (the 3rd Thursday) instead of the normal 4th Thursday (the 25th) due to a conflict with a conference members will be attending.

October's meeting will be held as normal on the 23rd.

November and December meetings will not be held as the 4th Thursday falls on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.  However, the Society members usually have a holiday get together in early December and that date is still pending.  Normal business meeting functions and reports are not conducted at that time.

The scheduled meetings will continue to be held at 1:30-2:30 PM at the First United Methodist Church, 500 N. Main St.  Don't forget to stop by the library before or after the meeting to do a little research!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Missouri Digital Heritage - Missouri Governors Records, 1837-1897

Sketch of the Governor’s Mansion, Jefferson City,
Missouri from the 
History of Jasper County, Missouri.
Have you taken a look at the Missouri Digital Heritage website fromt the Missouri State Archives lately?  If not, they've added great historical resources for 19th century Missouri providing insights into the governing of the state.  The latest is:  Missouri Governors Records, 1837-1897.  The following details show just what you'll find!

  The collection includes official records of 19th century Missouri governors. Missouri’s sixth governor, Lilburn Williams Boggs is the first for which the Missouri State Archives holds gubernatorial records.
  Missouri governors from the 19th century coped with tensions surrounding the expulsion of Mormons, slavery, violence along the Kansas border, guerilla bands, vigilantes and the outbreak of the Civil War. Other topics in the collection include emancipation, the ousting of elected officials, voter disenfranchisement, civil unrest, outlaws, veterans’ issues, inflation, economic worries, labor unrest, railroad construction and massive debts.
  Records of governors currently on-line include those for the years 1837-1893. Forthcoming additions to the collection include the years 1893-1897. The Missouri State Archives does not hold records for governors in office from 1821-1836.
  The records include correspondence, court records, advertisements, letters of recommendation, resignations, arrest warrants, extradition requisitions, pardons, rewards for capture, bills, invoices, receipts, oaths of loyalty and supporting materials, election notices, writs of election, and legal opinions by the Missouri Attorney General and the Supreme Court of Missouri. The collection also contains maps, memoranda, meeting minutes, newspaper clippings, petitions, proclamations, reports, resolutions, statistics and telegrams.