Saturday, February 15, 2014

Butler County Genealogy Society Update

Belated New Year's greetings fellow genealogists!

The Butler County Genealogy Society asked I help spread the word regarding their monthly meetings.  They are no longer meeting at the Twin Towers at 2 PM on the fourth Thursday each month.  The Society has a new meeting place and time.  You will now find them holding their regular meetings at the First United Methodist Church, located at 500 N. Main St. here in Poplar Bluff at their new time 1:30 PM.  The dates still fall on the fourth Thursday of each month.

Also, if you haven't purchased a copy of "Butler County History Book, Volume 3", stop by the county archives 9-3 each Tuesday for a copy (barring additional inclement weather like we've received lately!).

Everyone stay safe and warm and look forward to more posts soon!