Monday, November 2, 2015

Library / Genealogy Humor

If only research could be this easy!!  

Photographs do provide important clues though.  A calendar in the background would be perfect but in lieu of that, style of dress, signs, automobiles, or objects in the background can provide important clues to a narrowing down the time frame the photo was taken.  Today we often think of paying attention to our surroundings for our safety but pay attention to the surroundings in those old photographs and you might discover a new clue in your research.

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Missouri State Penitentiary Database

Looking to add a little excitement to your family history?  Tired of finding farmers, store clerks, and housewives?  There's a database that might just provide you with a dash of spice to add some variety to your family tree!

The Missouri State Penitentiary database, contributed by the Missouri State Archives, is now available on the Missouri Digital Heritage website. The site offers access to 62,758 records of inmates who served in the prison from 1836 to 1931, including the names and ages of the prisoners, their crimes and sentences, as well as the years they entered and were released from the prison. A limited number of inmate photographs is available because mug shots of incoming inmates were not required until 1928.

Crimes committed cover a large ranges of incidents, from commonly thought of crimes such as murder and rape to the unexpected "larceny of fowl at night" and at least on instance of "Conveying into Butler County jail certain package with intent to aid and facilitate escape of prisoners".  (Apparently there was quite the crime wave of chicken theft over a century ago across the state.)

The Missouri State Penitentiary was the first state penal institution west of the Mississippi River. It opened its doors in 1836 and operated continuously until 2004.  If you would like additional information on the penitentiary and its history, look for "The Missouri State Penitentiary : 170 years inside the walls" by Jamie Pamela Rasmussen on your next visit.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Pull Up Your Genes - Genealogy Lock-in at Jonesboro Public Library

The Craighead County - Jonesboro Public Library is hosting a "Genealogy Lock-in" on Saturday, July 18th, 5 PM to Midnight.

The library is located at 315 West Oak Ave in Jonesboro.  For additional information about the event, they can be reached at 870-935-5133 or through their website:

Thursday, February 26, 2015

HeritageQuest Enhanced/Expanded Searching

Great news for those using HeritageQuest at home!  Below is the news release explaining the details.  Happy searching!!

Coming March 4, 2015, HeritageQuest Online (HQO) will be materially improved and enhanced with a much richer content set and a more powerful, intuitive interface.
  • Complete 1790-1940 U.S. Federal Census with images and every-name indexes for all years
  • Additional census records such as Mortality and Non-Population Schedules, Indian Census Rolls, and more
  • Expanded collection of genealogy and local history books and city directories with an all-new user interface, thumbnail images and hit highlighting
  • Complete Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land record collection (NARA M804)
  • Freedman’s Bank Records with full-page register view
  • Periodical Source Index Archive (PERSI), 1800-2009
  • U.S. Serial Set Memorials, Petitions and Private Relief Actions
  • All-new research aids
  • Interactive census maps
  • And more
The product will have a more modern look and feel that will make it easier to use and help streamline the research process for genealogists.
Additional Information
  • The conversion to the new version will be automatic.  No changes will need to be made by libraries.
  • Authentication methods will remain the same, including:
    • Static IP address
    • Referring URL
    • Barcode
    • Embedded username/password
    • Usage reports: We will use the same usage reporting system that’s currently available today
  • All-new image viewer with more functionality
  • Grayscale or color images
  • ADA Section 508 compliance
New Browser Requirements
  • HeritageQuest Online will be optimized to perform best on current versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 or newer (we recommend IE 11+).  This gives libraries the most up-to-date security, as well.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or older will no longer be supported.  The new HeritageQuest Online may work in discontinued operating systems (such as Windows XP) and browsers, but we will not guarantee compatibility or make fixes.