Friday, May 4, 2012

See How We've Grown! Library Locations in Poplar Bluff

Look where we've been!  Prior to opening in our current location at 318 N. Main Street in 1936, the library was located in four other locations.

April 1916 – July 1919
First home of the Library.

A basement room in the building known as he Criterion Theater, on 129 North Main owned by W. N. Barron.

July 1919 – April 1930
Second home of the Library.

A 6-room house at the corner of Pine & Broadway, across the street from the first building. This corner is currently the Rodgers Theater.   The house, itself, was later moved to a new location at 630 Pine Street, and is still there today.

April 1930 – December 1935
Third home of the Library.
A building at the corner of Poplar & 2nd (210 Poplar) known as the Elk’s Home.
It currently houses the Daily American Republic newspaper offices.

December 1935 – August 1936
Fourth home of the Library.
  N.W. corner of Poplar & Broadway, also known as the Fraternal Opera Building, at 125 South Fourth. This image shows the building prior to the library occupying the site. The upper level was removed by the 1927 Tornado.
Formal opening: September 11, 1936. Dedication: October 12, 1936
The building we currently occupy as it originally appeared  in 1936 until another wing was added on in 1997-98 with  additional modifications made in 2007-08.
2009 - present
These show how the library has grown since the 1936 opening.

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  1. I love seeing the library's history! It is really neat to be part of an organization with such deep roots :-)