Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sign Up For Prop. 1 Email Updates

On June 5, 2012, the voters of Poplar Bluff passed overwhelmingly Prop1--a 1/4 cent sales tax for the operation of the Poplar Bluff Public Library.  The Library Board of Trustees and library staff are now in the process of making "good" on those promises made to voters.  Sign up for Prop1 Infoline to stay on top of the latest changes and updates at the Library.

The new funding will allow the library to expand services and offerings, including:
  • Offer library cards to area residents at no charge.
  • Double the library’s book budget.
  • Open the library on Sunday afternoons.
  • Allow the library to continue offering computer classes, Tech Talks and more.
To help users stay on top of the changes coming, Poplar Bluff Public Library is releasing the Prop1 Infoline, an e-mail service dedicated to keeping interested parties up to date about the expansions brought on by the additional funding through Proposition 1.
Sign up for the Prop1 Infoline here:

You can also find Poplar Bluff Public Library on Facebook.

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